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CONTACT US: 311N. 6th Ave., Wauchula, FL 33873 . P: (863)773-6061 . F: (863)773-6813 . E: . H: M-F 8am - 5pm

Mission Statement



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It is the mission of the Supervisor of Elections office and all who work within it to serve the people of Hardee County and represent them with pride throughout the State of Florida and this great Nation in which we live.We are here to assist our community in whatever aspect is needed to insure your right to voice your opinion through the election process.

Our open door policy insures that everyone from the person passing through our community seeking directions, the elector in need of a replacement voter information card, the first time registrant wishing to cast their first vote, to the political candidate or parties in need of information, receives their request in a timely and courteous manor.

It is the consensus of this office to continue to push ever forward in the technological field to insure that our county continues to stay on top of the ever changing needs presented to the electoral process and better serve you our community.